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About us

Curaçao GPS Tracking was born almost 10 years ago thru our Scooter Rental Company.

The need for reliable gps systems was a must have to prevent scooters from being stolen, also we could track our fleet of scooters and see if clients online in case of roadside service.

Our gps system is really small and does not use a lot of power, making it great even for the smallest of vehicles.

We have clients with scooters, waterscooters, powerboats, sailboats, cars, trucks etc..

Best Price on the island

We offer the very best prices on Curaçao, check out our pricing page.

Fast Installation 

We can install the gps device fast and professional.

24/7 Ready to assist

We won't let you down! We are available 24/7 to assist you if needed.


We bring you quality from Europe so you can be sure your GPS will be online 100% (Some areas on Curaçao don't have cellular service on the westside or northside, keep this in mind).

How we work

Choose your plan

You can choose two plans, the first one you buy the gps unit and the second one you can rent the gps.

Plan your installation

We make an appointment to install and test your gps device. Then we show you how the app works to control your vehicle(s).

You enjoy

Start to enjoy the new powerful control you have over your vehicle(s).

And feel safe to know where your vehicle and or staff member is at all time.

Pricing Plans



Naf225,- once/Naf25,- Per Month

  • Naf25,- Per month for simcard
  • Simcard stays ours
  • Free basic installation
  • Free lifetime app
  • Renew on monthly basis.
  • No contracts.

What clients say

Roderick Andriessen

We have been using these gps systems for many years now and it's really great to know that we can track our scooters and see where they are. Whenever there is a problem we can track the scooter and assist our clients even faster.


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Years of Experience

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